The most beautiful places in Bulgaria

Some of the most astonishing and breathtaking places in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria - "Earth as a human hand" (George Djagarov) and how much beauty is collected in it. Legend has it that when God distributed land to the nations, but the Bulgarian worked on his field, so he went last. However, all land was given and God gave him a piece of paradise. In fact, our small area collected the most diverse and beautiful places! The five places that we have chosen are only a small part of the beauty of the Bulgarian country.


The Wonderful Bridges


The Wonderful Bridges can be found in the valley Erkyupria in the Western Rhodope mountains. This unique stone phenomenon is formed by the water of the river, which was once deeply. The river has created deep karst cave whose roof collapsed later. At the time the water took the fallen debris and so two natural and very beautiful bridge have formed. Today they are secured, it is also allowed to wander among them by switching both on.


The Hotnischki waterfall

Hotnischki waterfall, whose real name is actually Kaya Bunar is one of those wonderful places that will show you the beauty of the Bulgarian country in all its glory! The waterfall is about 15 km away from Veliko Tarnovo next to the village of Hotniza. It is not very large - 30 meters, but still offers great views and attracts many tourists, since it is surrounded by rocks, overgrown by trees.


Heavenly Waterfall

Heavenly Waterfall is the highest waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula. It is located in Stara Planina Mountain, at the foot of the peak Botev in the national park "Central Balkan" - surrounded a paradise of beautiful scenery. The waterfall is located near the village Panitsite, you need about four hours to reach it. The path to the waterfall itself will impress you with its magnificent views.


Nature Park Blue Rocks

The park is located near the town of Sliven and together formed from various rock formations. Here on the southern slopes of Stara Planina mountains one can find many waterfalls, steep and impressive cliffs and caves. In addition, the park is home to various protected plants and animals, and all historical and archaeological monuments. In Blue Rocks there is something for everyone.


Seven Rila Lakes

The Seven Lakes are undoubtedly one of the most impressive, fabulous places in the country! Tear, Eye, Kidney, Gemini, Trefoil, Fish and The Lower One are glacial lakes and their waters are drained together. They are located in Damgskiya region of Southwest Rila. Their height is 2100-2500 meters. The lakes provide one of the most beautiful and striking images in the Rila mountain and a place that can visit any tourist in Bulgaria!